Nintendo Switch Online Subscribers Surprised How Much They Love New Free Game

Nintendo Switch Online's new free game is one of its best.

Nintendo Switch Online subscribers across Switch, Switch Lite, and Switch OLED are surprised how much they love this week's new free game. On Thursday, a new Nintendo Direct took place featuring 40 minutes of Nintendo Switch announcements. And during this Nintendo Direct, three different Nintendo Switch games were stealth released. One of these games is free via Nintendo Switch Online, and at first many weren't too impressed with it, but fast-forward a few days and Nintendo Switch Online subscribers are surprised how much they are enjoying it. 

Over on the Nintendo Switch Reddit page, one of the top posts this week in terms of popularity is gushing about said game, F-Zero 99. When the new F-Zero game was revealed, it was slammed by many as not being what fans of the series wanted. And considering it's been two decades since the last release in the series this is understandable. To wait so long to finally get a new game, only for it to be a Nintendo Switch Online, free-to-play battle royale game is a juke out. However, while it's not a proper, full-fledged new game in the series, it's pretty dang good. 

"Needless to say last evening and this morning was spent playing the everlasting s**t out of F-Zero 99," reads the post. "Get this game, its absolutely awesome and super fun for quick or long sessions.It plays like the OG F-Zero but with proper updates and improvements. The tracks are amazing with light differences in the rough-areas, but i have to check to confirm that. Also the 4 original vehicles are present with loads of customization options."

F-Zero 99 is absolutely dope
by u/IAmAPirrrrate in NintendoSwitch

The post has attracted over 300 comments, and you'd assume based on the initial reaction to the game many of the comments would be negative but a majority of them echo the post, with one noting it was "the surprise of the Nintendo Direct."

"Yep, it's great. Totally not what I wanted F-Zero to do next, but I judge games on what they are, not what they aren't," reads one of these comments. "I'm super surprised. Never played an F-Zero before, but F-Zero 99 is my favorite of all the 99 games released so far. I love that you're versusing others on the same map and not using some weird tergeting system," reads a second comment.

At the moment, it's unclear how many are playing the game, but if you're interested now is the best time to play as these 99-style games from Nintendo haven't had very long shelf lives, partially because they require a large player base to maintain.