Next-Gen Nintendo Switch Hinted at in Cryptic New Tweet

A cryptic new tweet from a prominent video game developer has seemingly hinted at a next-gen Nintendo Switch console. At the moment of publishing, Nintendo hasn't announced its next console or any plans to upgrade the Nintendo Switch. However, there's been plenty of reports talking about both of these things, especially the latter, which is often referred to as the Nintendo Switch Pro. Adding to all of these reports and speculation is a new Tweet from developer FDG Entertainment that appears to be a pretty direct hint at a new, more powerful Nintendo Switch being in the pipeline.

This week, FDG Entertainment announced it's bringing its critically-acclaimed and popular 2018 game, Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, to PS5 and Xbox Series X with special new next-gen upgrades. The initial announcement makes zero mention of a new Nintendo Switch, but the replies do.

Responding to the announcement, one fan noted that they will need to pick up a PS4 version of the game to get on this next-gen upgrade. Replying to this, the developer's official Twitter account said the following: "Who knows?! Maybe Switch also has some next-gen hardware in the oven?"

On the surface level, this could pass as some pretty harmless speculation, but forming it as a question and using the emoji it did has caught the attention of many Nintendo fans.

Of course, it's quite possible FDG Entertainment doesn't actually know anything we don't, meaning it's simply referencing the various reports that a new, next-gen-like Nintendo Switch model is releasing next year. In other words, for now, take this possible tease with a grain of salt.


At this point, it's pretty obvious Nintendo has something brewing. It has to. The Nintendo Switch isn't selling power, but it's going to look pretty rudimentary alongside the Xbox Series X and PS5. And more importantly, if an upgrade isn't made, Nintendo will ultimately miss out on even more third-party games.