Nintendo Switch Pro Rumor Surfaces Online With Release Date Information

A new rumor about the Nintendo Switch Pro has surfaced online, possibly shedding light on the [...]

A new rumor about the Nintendo Switch Pro has surfaced online, possibly shedding light on the console's release date. For well over a year, we've been hearing rumors and reports about a new, more powerful Nintendo Switch. Over time, this console has come to be referred to as the Nintendo Switch Pro, though, more recently, Super Nintendo Switch is also thrown around. Whatever the console will end up being called, remains to be seen, but it's increasingly obvious Nintendo is working on a new Nintendo Switch model. After all, where there is this much smoke, there's fire.

The newest rumor comes the way of Nintendo leaker NateDrake, who was amongst the first to relay word of the console's existence when rumors and reports about the machine were scarce. Speaking about the console, the leaker noted they believe the console will be announced this fiscal year, however, the console itself may be delayed to 2022, suggesting the plan was, at one point, to release it this year.

"I do believe it'll be announced in the coming fiscal year," said the leaker. "The plan was to release this year, but I suspect it'll be delayed into 2022. Delays can, and will, continue to be an every changing variable in figuring out when we'll hear about it and see it."

In addition to dropping some information about the console's release, the leaker also claimed that the Nintendo Switch Pro DLSS will be based in the hardware, which is to say, it won't be via the dock, and this is great news for those that prefer handheld gaming.

Unfortunately, the leaker didn't divulge much else about the console, at least of consequence. And of course, what is divulged should be taken with some reservation. While many consider the source reliable, it doesn't change the fact that everything here is unofficial. Further, even if it's all 100 percent accurate, it may not stay this way, as everything is subject to change. As for Nintendo, it hasn't commented on any of this and it won't, however, if, for some reason, it does, we will update the story.

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