Nintendo Switch Leak Reveals Feature Nintendo Inexplicably Scrapped

A new Nintendo Switch leak has seemingly revealed a scrapped and unused feature. The Nintendo Switch is a unique, hybrid console that brings many out-of-the-box features to the table. That said, given how experimental Nintendo is, especially compared to Xbox and PlayStation, it's safe to assume with each console there are features that don't make it into the final product. Recently, a Nintendo Switch dataminer discovered one of these features.

According to the dataminer, the SDK has references to "Special Miis." As you may know, there's no such thing as Special Miis" on the Nintendo Switch, but it's clearly something Nintendo experimented with. However, while Nintendo hasn't made use of the feature, it also hasn't completely removed it either.

As for what they are, it's not 100 percent clear, and most of what we do now know through the leak isn't very consequential. According to the dataminer, they can't be edited nor can they be used for icons. Further, if they -- somehow -- appear in a game, there's code to make them look like the default Mii

For now, it's not really clear what exactly Nintendo had in store for Special Miis and it's unknown why it decided to scrap the feature. What this all does reveal is that Nintendo once had bigger plans for Miis on Switch.

That said, for now, take everything here with a grain of salt as it's all unofficial with a smidgen of speculation in the mix as well. Right now, Nintendo has not commented on any of this, and it's unlikely it will given its very strict "no comment" policy when it comes to unofficial and speculative information. However, if it does comment, we will be sure to update the story.


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H/T, Nintendo Everything.