Nintendo Switch Pro Price Possibly Leaked, And It's Expensive

The price of the Nintendo Switch Pro may have been leaked, courtesy of a French retailer. According to a plethora of rumors, reports, and leaks, Nintendo is gearing up to reveal a new Nintendo Switch model before its E3 2021 Direct. What this model will be called, remains to be seen. So far, names like Nintendo Switch Pro, Super Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch XL, and Nintendo Switch Advanced have been thrown around, which in turn suggests nobody -- other than Nintendo and some of its partners -- knows what this thing is called. We also don't know when it will release, but we may know when it will be revealed and how much it will cost when it does drop.

Let's start with the price. According to the internal database of at least one retailer, the Nintendo Switch Pro -- or whatever it winds up being called -- will cost €399, which is $487.34. Obviously, if this is the case, Nintendo isn't going to charge the American market $487, but this could suggest a price point of either $400, $450, or $500.

Now, it's worth noting this could very well be a placeholder. Whatever the case, it does loosely line up with previous reports, which is this thing won't be cheap.

As for when the console will be announced, well it remains to be seen. Sources, such as Leaky Pandy, are suggesting we will hear about the console tomorrow, June 3. Meanwhile, others, like Centro Leaks claim it will be revealed on June 4 based on Amazon's internal database.

At this point, it's impossible to know what information is valid and invalid. That said, what does look probable is the console will be revealed very soon, and it may not be as cheap as some Nintendo fans were hoping.


At the moment of publishing, Nintendo has not commented on any of this, and we don't expect this to change. Not only is it busy in lawsuits with ROM sites, but it never comments on rumors, reports, and leaks. However, if for some reason it bucks expectations and does comment, we will update the story accordingly.

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