Nintendo Wii Shop Channel Goes Offline Without Explanation

The Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DSi Shop channels have both gone down in recent days without any sort of explanation from Nintendo. As a whole, the Nintendo Wii shop has been closed since 2019, while the DSi shop shuttered in 2017, which means that players haven't been able to purchase new titles on either platform for years. However, the recent shutdown of both marketplaces entirely now means that those who previously purchased games through either platform now won't be able to re-download titles that they already own, which makes this problem all the more concerning. 

According to Eurogamer, both the Nintendo Wii and DSi shop channels ended up shutting down last week on Wednesday, March 16. Since this time, users haven't even been able to open either storefront, which is something that hasn't been blocked by Nintendo up until this point. When it comes to the reason for this closing, well, that's something that hasn't been made clear. Nintendo itself hasn't released a statement on the matter, which means that a number of fans are confused about why this has even transpired. 

One reason for this shutdown could obviously just be because of maintenance on Nintendo's end. However, Nintendo is usually pretty communicative with users about when maintenance like this is planned to transpire, which means that there could be other issues at hand. In addition, if Nintendo was planning a permanent shutdown of either marketplace, this is something that would have certainly been made clear ahead of time. With this in mind, it seems like Nintendo could just be experiencing various problems with both shops and is working to get them both back online as soon as possible. 

If Nintendo does release an update on this situation in the near future, we'll be sure to keep you in the loop. Until then, stay tuned to all of our upcoming gaming coverage here on if you'd like to remain informed. 

Do you think that Nintendo is planning a full-scale shutdown of both the Nintendo Wii and DSi shop channels, or will both platforms come back online soon enough? Let me know your own thoughts on this matter either down in the comments or message me on Twitter at @MooreMan12.