No Man's Sky Receives Influx Of Positive Reviews After Big Update

No Man's Sky has experienced quite the positive turnaround after the massive Atlas Rises injected [...]

No Mans Sky
(Photo: Hello Games)

No Man's Sky has experienced quite the positive turnaround after the massive Atlas Rises injected highly-anticipated features into the exploration game.

Over on Steam where users actively review games as new updates come out, the proof of No Man's Sky's recent success is pretty evident from looking at the more recent reviews. Steam's games always feature both overall and recent reviewing trends, and the recent reviews have brought the game up to a "Mostly Positive" status.

By sorting the reviews by either "positive" or "negative," there are still plenty more negative reviews than there are positive ones. Just over 57,000 reviews blasted the game for not living up to expectations, but more recently, players have been thrilled with the update.

"When the game first launched, I was incredibly disappointed, I'd felt cheated out of 60 dollars," read one recent review posted by the user AstrO just yesterday. "By the time I'd realized how bad it was, It was already too late for me to refund. A full year has passed since then, and I am utterly astounded by the progress that has been made in the development of this game."

This type of review echoes the sentiments of tons of other comments that now exist on the game's Steam page. There are still a select few reviews where players commented that they still don't enjoy the post-update game, but they're now the minority.

The update introduced a slew of features that were outlined here, but the most significant ones are definitely the improvements made on lore as well as the addition of a multiplayer component. It's not the full planet-jumping multiplayer experience that No Man's Sky players might've hoped for from the beginning with other players being represented by glowing orbs on the planets, but with the way it's been described as currently being "very limited," more updates and expansions are certainly on the way.

Hello Games' space-explorere peaked today at 14,780 concurrent players, a massive jump from the pre-update version of the game. It's still not close to breaking into the top 10 games on Steam, but it's within the top 30 for now, so it's popularity is certainly back on the rise.

No Man's Sky is currently available via Steam and on PlayStation 4.