No Man's Sky Tops Steam's Top Selling Chart

Whether they’re trying it for the first time or returning to explore the game’s expanded [...]

Whether they're trying it for the first time or returning to explore the game's expanded universe, No Man's Sky players have pushed the game to the top of Steam's top selling charts.

The game just launched for the Xbox One today to bring space exploration to a new platform, but for everyone else who already had the game on Steam and the PlayStation 4, it marked the release of the NEXT update, the one that introduces base building and the long-awaited multiplayer component. The patch is an absolute monster to dig through as well with a staggering size that closes in on 10GB for the PS4, but it should keep you busy for a while if you read through all the changes as you wait for the update to download.

Whether players read through the notes and then made a decision or were just excited for No Man's Sky hype part two, they came in droves to purchase the game on Steam. Overtaking Monster Hunter: World, Grand Theft Auto V, and all others, No Man's Sky is currently at the top of the charts for Steam's top selling list.

No Man's Sky Steam
(Photo: Steam)

Despite a rough launch that No Man's Sky's creator Sean Murray said earned him death threats from players who felt slighted, disappointed, mislead, or any range of emotions, players were anxiously waiting once again for the huge update's launch to the point that it almost felt like a flashback to the initial unveiling. The No Man's Sky subreddit was exploding with anticipation leading up to the release of the update that landed on the Xbox One with the release of the game before going live for the PS4 and lastly Steam, and those on other subreddits were inquiring with others to see who would be enticed into trying out No Man's Sky again. All the other discussions seem tame in comparison to the game's Discord as well with the gif below showing just a snippet of what was going on.

It seems that many people did return to No Man's Sky or are trying it for the first time, and they're enjoying it, too. Though the game still holds a "Mostly Negative" review score on Steam, it's recent review score reflects a "Very Positive" opinion. The Microsoft Store where the game just launched reflects a similar opinion with a solid 4.4/5 with reviews calling it "perfect" and saying that it's "what it was supposed to be."

No Man's Sky is now out for the Xbox One with the NEXT update available for all players.