Numskull Games Reveals Rogue Glitch, Launching Next Month

It was revealed earlier this year that Numskull Designs was starting their own publishing company, appropriately named Numskull Games. Ever since the announcement back in March, the company has been hard at work on their freshman title, which has officially been revealed. Rogue Glitch is being developed by Lino Slahuschek and is set to arrive on Steam next month in early access. The game will offer up to four players the opportunity to enjoy a roguelite that "is aimed at platforming perfectionists looking for an ever-evolving challenge."

"Packed into the Early Access build of Rogue Glitch are over 80 unique items, 7 upgradeable characters each with unique properties and a narrative told through a lovable villain on completion events," reads the press release. "Movement and combat has been fine-tuned for a platformer lover’s palette, allowing player finesse to take on a deadly form. Multiple jumps, ground stomps, wall slides and glides are at your disposable and enhanceable with items. Collect stat boosters and projectile modifications to evolve your pixel-shooter to a force of destruction, and delete the inhabitants of the glitchworld run after run with 1-4 players."

"We’re overjoyed that our debut digital title coming to Steam is in partnership with Lino," Numskull Games said. "We were captivated by Rogue Glitch’s fluid controls and polish. It’s fantastic what can be achieved by a solo developer and we can’t wait to see how it flourishes over time with the help of early adopters."

Rogue Glitch is currently without a specific release date, but it is expected to arrive on Steam via early access at some point around the middle of August. It is currently listed on Steam and can be added to fans' wishlists.

What do you think about all of this? Are you excited to dive into the debut title from Numskull Games? Will you be adding it to your wishlist on Steam? Sound off in the comment section below, or feel free to hit me up over on Twitter @anarkE7!