Oath Kickstarter Launch Date Announced

The upcoming strategy game Oath will have its Kickstarter in early January of next year. Cole [...]

The upcoming strategy game Oath will have its Kickstarter in early January of next year. Cole Wehrle, the designer of Oath, announced that tabletop publisher Leder Games will launch the Kickstarter for Oath on January 14th, 2020. Oath is a unique strategy game that "remembers how you play it," meaning that each playthrough is affected by previous game sessions. While not a true "legacy" game due to its lack of disposable or permanently altered game components, each box of Oath will have totally different experiences based on how past games were played. Because of the success of Wehrle's last game, the popular strategy game Root, Oath has positioned itself as one of 2020's most anticipated games.

During a Twitch stream last week, Wehrle explained some of the basics of Oath while running through a play session. Wehrle described the game as a kind of tableau builder, where the tableau is built collectively using different cards. During the Twitch playthrough, one player took the role of the Chancellor, while the other players attempt to overthrow them as Exiles. Different "Oaths" seem to determine the victory conditions, with players scoring victory points based on which Oath is in play. For example, the "Oath of Supremacy" requires players to conquer and control more sites than their opponents.

Wehrle is best known as the designer of Root, an award-winning strategy game also published by Leder Games. Root is an asymmetric war game in which players battle for control of the Woodlands while using different factions with radically different abilities and win conditions. Although Oath doesn't have the same amount of asymmetry as Root, players will need to learn how to play as both the Chancellor and the Exile over the course of the game. Wehrle noted that Oath is a much easier game to teach than Root, but that players will likely have to learn how more than one playstyle, which could be a bit more intimidating during the outset.

Although the exact cost isn't known, Wehrle noted that Oath had about as many components as Root and one its expansions, which suggests a price point of $80-$100. You can check out the full playthrough of Oath here and keep an eye out on Leder Games' social media for more information on Oath.