Oculus Announces First Gaming Showcase Event

Oculus is holding a gaming showcase event this month, the first of its kind that'll feature different virtual reality experiences available on Oculus devices. We don't yet know of everything that'll be there, but Oculus has promised updates on currently available and unreleased games as well as "a few surprises. The event will take place on April 21st and will be broadcasted through Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube for those who want to watch at home.

While we'll have to prepare for some surprises and won't know of everything that's happening at the first Oculus Gaming Showcase, Oculus did name a few developers and games that'll be there. Pistol Whip developer Cloudhead Games, Lone Echo II developer Ready At Dawn, and Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy's Edge developer ILMxLAB will all be in attendance at the April 21st event that starts at 3 p.m. PT.

"This is our first event wholly dedicated to the stellar games across the Oculus Platform. You can expect new updates to fan-favorite titles, never-before-seen footage from some unreleased games, and a few surprises in store.

There wasn't any mention of hardware to be showcased during the event, but Oculus never said that hardware wouldn't be there either. The last big reveal from Oculus was when the Oculus Quest 2 device was unveiled last year. Considering how hardware reveals are always big to-dos in the virtual reality field, it wouldn't be unexpected to see one of Oculus' surprises have to do with hardware and not just games.

Oculus isn't the only company that's remained committed to virtual reality, however. After much speculation fueled by patents and an apparent drive to keep virtual reality gaming going on the new PlayStation 5 console, Sony finally confirmed this year that it's making a new PSVR headset for the newest console. A release date for the new headset hasn't been announced, but we've gotten some details on it pertaining to how it'll be easier to set up and what it can offer that the original PSVR device didn't.


The Oculus Gaming Showcase event will take place on April 21st at 3 p.m. PT.