OnRush Free Trial Now Live on Xbox One


Last month, we reviewed OnRush, Codemasters' exciting arcade style racing game where competition is the name of the game as you literally set out to crush your foes. We loved it, but there are some folks that may be on the fence about picking it up just yet. Fortunately, there's now a way for you to try it out on the house.
Codemasters announced on the official OnRush Twitter account today that an OnRush trial is now available for Xbox One. The game is wide open for you to try out with your friends, with multiplayer available along with single player options.

The trial is running now through Sunday, July 15. During that time, you can stoc up on your progress racing within the game, and it should carry over to the full release should you decide to pick it up. You can see the tweet below.

Interestingly enough, the game isn't on sale over on Xbox One. That's usually the protocol when it comes to attracting new players with a trial such as this. However, it is on sale over on PSN, going for $47.99 for the standard edition. You can also save more money if you're a PlayStation Plus member, going down to $35.99.

Speaking of PlayStation 4, a few fans may be wondering where their OnRush trial may be at. Codemasters hasn't said anything official about when it would start. However, it did previously note that something was "coming soon" for that console. More than likely, we'll see a trial kick off on that platform next week, with the discounts in effect. So yes, you'll soon get an idea of what all this chaotic driving is all about.

I previously quoted in my OnRush review, "In the end, OnRush is something special. Sure, some collisions could be questionable; and the loot box system may not sit easy with everyone. But Codemasters Evo went back to its arcade roots with this one, and it shows. The whole competitive feeling may take a while for some folks to get used to, but it's a brave new approach that's sure to attract a huge online crowd. Not only that, but the gameplay and graphics deliver in a number of ways so that even the most unskilled player can discover the ability to take down opponents and appreciate mastering it." It's totally worth it.


OnRush is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.