The Original 'God of War' Director Hasn't Played the New Game

God of War

When it came out earlier this year, Sony's God of War truly impressed the hell out of a lot of people -- us included. But there's one person who isn't exactly in a rush to see what it's all about, and that's the director of the original game that started it all, David Jaffe.

Long ago, Jaffe worked on a number of popular Sony franchises, including Twisted Metal. But he also lent his talent to the original God of War for PlayStation 2, which started the franchise off on the right foot, leading to some spectacular sequels.

However, Jaffe recently admitted that he hasn't played the newest God of War, and when someone suggested that he hated it, he noted that isn't the case -- but he did provide a peculiar reason why he didn't play it.

Jaffe noted on Twitter, "I haven't played the new GOD OF WAR; no desire to. Not because I don't think I'd love it, but because it feels like going out to dinner with a girl you used to be crazy about (that you ARE over, but deep down you will always love) and her hot, rich, way cooler, new boyfriend."

As a result, a lot of people have responded on Twitter, and Jaffe's even had some fun with some of said responses.

For instance, when a fan asked, "Do you not like good games?" He responded, "Hate them. They smell like leather and feet."

But then someone asked, "Do you think one day you'll play it out of curiosity? Or at the very least read a plot summary or something?", Jaffe did have some optimism. "I'm sure I will. And I have read some of the plot already, including the post credit ending. Sounds GREAT!"

Finally, Jaffe made it abundantly clear that he had no bitterness towards Cory. In fact, he's proud of what he's accomplished. "Bitter? Not at all," he noted on Twitter. "I'm quite happy for Cory and the Santa Monica team. I think without the change, GOD OF WAR would be on its way to being a dead franchise. I love they reinvented it."

So it's not really bitterness, just an odd feeling that's holding Jaffe back. But here's hoping he comes around to it someday.

Oh, and on a side note, Jaffe also really loves Spider-Man, based on the tweet below:


God of War is available now for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro.