Outlast II Streamer Is Scared By His Toddler Daughter In An Adorable Twitch-Breaking Clip

What would expect the most popular Twitch clip in history is? Some super badass Counter-Strike or [...]

What would expect the most popular Twitch clip in history is? Some super badass Counter-Strike or Overwatch kill? A particularly hard-fought League of Legends match? Nope! It's a guy getting scared by his own baby. You'll understand once you watch the clip for yourself, because it gosh-darn adorable. Check it out, above.

Streamer JurassicJunkieLive was playing the jump-scare-laden Outlast II live on Twitch, when his toddler daughter Jessica stealthily snuck up behind him (actually, he just didn't hear her because he had headphones on). Our streamer is suddenly hit with a double whammy, as Outlast II unleashes an audio jump scare, and he turns around to find a tiny human unexpectedly standing behind him.

A man recoiling in abject horror at the sight of a baby is funny, but what really makes the clip great is JurassicJunkie immediately checking to make sure his daughter is okay and hoisting her up for a hug, which he seems to need a lot more than her. Thankfully, Jessica appears completely unphased by the whole incident – I have a feeling dad shrieking in terror at things may not be that uncommon. The original stream serves up even more father-daughter cuteness, as JurassicJunkie gives his daughter a kiss on the forehead before realizing he probably just captured something pretty special…

"Please tell me someone's clipped that. I can't believe you didn't scream back."

So far, JurassicJunkie's toddler terror has 1.8 million views, which Twitch has confirmed to be their most-viewed individual clip ever. The clip has already propelled JurassicJunkie from a mere 100 followers to over 3,500. Welp, time to manufacture more toddler scare scenarios! Hopefully Jessica is receiving her ninja training as we speak.

Outlast II is currently available for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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