New Outriders Bug Instantly Kills You

Outriders players should be no stranger to bugs by now, but there’s a particularly powerful one that’s appeared recently and is wreaking havoc on players’ games. The bug in question, according to Outriders developer People Can Fly, makes it so that “damage mitigation isn’t acting as expected for some players.” People have been sharing their clips of this bug in action following the official acknowledgement from the developer to show the ill effects of the bug.

As it turns out, inaccurate damage mitigation basically equates to players just getting one-shot by enemies that shouldn’t normally be able to whack them in one hit. That’s not always the case since players sometimes simply take more damage than they should’ve but instant death is certainly one side effect of the bug that people have been experiencing.

The clip above from Twitter user ArtoriusGaming shows the bug in action. In the full clip, the player took a beating from different enemies for a while to show that damage could at some point be taken without dying, but even after they got back to full health, one random attack did them in.

Over on Reddit, the Outriders team said they’d been “tracking a similar issue with damage mitigation since before our last patch released” and stressed that, despite what players may think, it wasn’t the last patch that caused the problem to surface. It appears to be random, but the devs said that doesn’t mean that the problem doesn’t exist nor does it mean the issue isn’t important.

A few potential workarounds have been discovered as of May 5th to perhaps remedy some of the problems players have been encountering. Unequipping your armor and then putting it back on again has anecdotally helped some players, though people have said it’s not a permanent solution and will only keep you from getting one-shotted. The Outriders devs said that if that doesn’t work, players should unequip all their armor, hard restart the entire game, and then put their pieces back on.


It’s an inconvenient bug to be sure, but again, Outriders players are probably familiar with that sort of experience by now. The bug that wiped players’ inventories was the most notorious example of Outriders’ problems, for example, so we can now add instadeath to the list of issues, too.

H/T Kotaku