Overkill’s The Walking Dead Will Have Four Playable Characters, And Here’s A First Look


After spending months without a hint of new information, Overkill, the developers behind the Payday franchise, finally provided not only a new behind-the-scenes video for its forthcoming The Walking Dead game, but also a look at one of the characters that will be playable in the game, Aidan.

Though no new gameplay was featured, the trailer does give you a pretty grim idea of the action that’s to come in Overkill’s game when it arrives next year, as Aidan wields a bat and calls upon a number of walkers to come at him so he can start swinging.

But he’s not the only character that’s joining the party. As you can see from the picture above, there will be four playable characters available in the cooperative first-person shooter, and while we don’t know too much about the other three characters, they look hardened and ready for battle.

Overkill hasn’t revealed that many details about the other characters yet, but they all have one thing in common – they’ll be fighting for their lives as they take on the zombie horde. With that in mind, the game may have some common traits with Valve’s Left 4 Dead series, which also featured a quartet of unique characters doing whatever it took to stay alive while fending off zombies.


We’ll still be waiting a while to get our hands on Overkill’s The Walking Dead, since the game isn’t likely to arrive until fall 2018 for consoles and PC. That said, though, we should be seeing more vignettes about the new characters in the months ahead, such as what they’re capable of, and possibly what led them down this road. For instance, Aidan was simply a businessman in the wrong place and the wrong time before he became a bad-ass survivor. You can see that trailer below.

Be sure to check back for more information soon!