Overwatch 2 Is Steam's Worst Game, According to Reviews

Overwatch 2 has sunk to the bottom of Steam's games due to review bombs and criticisms.

Overwatch 2 finally made its debut on Steam after the first game skipped the PC platform, and it's gotten quite the welcome so far. The game is currently sitting at an "Overwhelmingly Negative" score on Steam which is as low as you can possibly go, but that's still a rating that we've seen other games get in the past, particularly when there's review bombing at play. What other games can't claim, however, is Overwatch 2's current spot as the No. 1 worst game on Steam right now, according to over 80,000 reviews that have been posted since the game's Steam launch. 

The Steam launch coincided with the release of Overwatch 2: Invasion, the big update that introduced that new platform, another Support hero, PvE missions, and more to the game. Blizzard was banking on this Invasion update being one that would help turn things around in terms of player engagement, and while it's too early to tell how many players have returned to the game or taken part in the new content that was hyped up for Invasion, it's clear that Steam users have been less than receptive of the game's arrival.

"They essentially scrapped everything they promised for PvE and downgraded the game and are SLOWLY reintroducing aspects of the first game and calling them 'Updates,'" one negative review that offered actual criticisms of the new PvE content said. "While the game play is still there, the greed overshadows everything else."


Others who gave the game negative reviews said things like "love seeing the community working together so well" which is a nod to the avalanche effect of the review bomb that's hit the game and has brought it down so low. With 83,020 reviews published at the time this is written, only 9% of those are positive remarks on the game, but even then, most of those are tongue-in-cheek reviews alluding to the gratuitous amount of lewd, fan-made content the Overwatch universe has spawned.

Steam itself does not readily show you what its worst games are, but the third-party "Hall of Shame" site does. That site currently shows Overwatch 2 sitting at the No. 1 spot atop other games like the infamous War of the Three Kingdoms and Flatout 3: Chaos & Destruction. It looks like the Hall of Shame is currently a bit behind based on the number of reviews it says Overwatch 2 currently has, so once it updates again, Overwatch 2 could distance itself even more from the rest of the pack. 


Lots of the reviews left on Steam are from players with little to no playtime in the game, but that doesn't necessarily mean the critiques are unfounded and are results of a dogpile. Most of them definitely are, but it's worth pointing out that Blizzard's Battle.net launcher doesn't have a way to review games like Steam does, so many of these reviews are likely players who spent time playing the game elsewhere and now have an avenue for their frustrations other than posts on Reddit and other forms of social media. 

Overwatch 2 currently sits at the No. 23 game in terms of active players right now on Steam per the platform's official charts, so despite these low, low reviews, people are definitely still playing.