Overwatch Anniversary Event Announced

Another anniversary event is coming to Overwatch soon now that Blizzard has announced the start date for the celebration. It was getting to be around the time when Blizzard typically announces the event, and the developer didn't disappoint players who were anticipating another event. Scheduled to start on May 21st, we'll see past cosmetics return along with new ones and other features that players who participated in previous anniversary events will already be familiar with.

Blizzard announced the date for the upcoming event on Twitter with a tweet that said everyone's invited to take part on May 21st. It's also scheduled to end on June 10th (via VG24/7) and there will be a free trial for the first part of the event that lasts from May 21st until May 28th so that anyone who doesn't have Overwatch at all or on a specific platform can try it out and experience the event for a week.

The start of the next anniversary event is right on schedule with last year's big event taking place on May 22nd, though the announcement of this year's celebration comes a bit later than what we've seen in the past. This means players might not get as many teasers as they have before to preview the skins and other features in the event, but at least they won't have long to wait until it starts.

The full contents of the event remain unknown until Blizzard shares more details on everything that's involved, but we do know there will be several Legendary and Epic skins as well as some more dance emotes. At least one of these skins will be for D.Va and will apparently "break the Internet," according to information compiled by players following a Blizzard stream from a month ago.


Overwatch's big anniversary event is scheduled to take place on May 21st.