'Overwatch' Reveals Release Date for Baptiste

Blizzard has now announced a release date for Overwatch’s newest character with Baptiste the [...]

Blizzard has now announced a release date for Overwatch's newest character with Baptiste the combat medic scheduled to be playable by all on March 19th.

Baptiste was revealed by Blizzard weeks ago to be the newest hero in Overwatch, a support character who dishes out bandages and bullets to those in need. Fast-forward to Wednesday after Baptiste spent some time on the PTR servers for testing and we now know when the hero will be playable on the live servers and on both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms.

The release date for the hero was confirmed in the tweet below alongside a brief video for the hero.

Since February 26th when Baptiste was first added to the PTR for testing, there have been some changes made to his abilities as one would expect before a new hero is released. An update released not long ago fixed two bugs that affected Baptiste's Amplification Matrix.

Blizzard has also been addressing questions surrounding Baptiste, his abilities, and his background while the hero was tested on the PTR. Some of those questions pertained to how strong the character appears to be, specifically in regards to the Amplification Matrix that allows teammates to heal more and do more damage so long as their projectiles pass through it. Some players worried this could lead to teams one-shotting enemies, and Blizzard said that while that's definitely a possibility, it's not always the best option for the ability.

"The Amplification Matrix is a powerful ultimate that could potentially enable teammates to one shot an enemy," Blizzard said when asked about the strength of the move. "It does have its downsides too in that it only boosts projectiles, has a short duration, and holds a static position so enemies can simply avoid line of sight until the ultimate is over, making the timing of placing the Amplification Matrix very important. Sometimes it's much stronger to use it for healing your allies!"

Overwatch is scheduled to release Baptiste on live servers on March 19th, but the hero will have a one-week period where he's unavailable in competitive matches.


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