Overwatch Is Free to Try, Discounted Until January

If you get some downtime over the holidays and are looking for something to do, you can return to [...]

If you get some downtime over the holidays and are looking for something to do, you can return to Overwatch or try out the PC version of the game for the first time for free from now until January 4th. Blizzard Entertainment is having another one of its recurring free trial periods for the hero-based team shooter that's live now, but it's only available for the PC platform via Blizzard's Battle.net service. You can try it out for free from now until January 4th by simply downloading the game and getting started.

To check out the free trial, you can head here to Blizzard's Battle.net shop and redeem the offer. There's a fair chance that you already know whether you like Overwatch or not by now considering how inescapable its popularity has been, but if you've been taking a break or somehow haven't gone hands-on with it yet, you can hop back in for a limited time with no greater investment than the time you put into the game. If you're primarily a console player and have been considering making the jump to the PC platform, now's your chance to test the waters there and see if it's worth sticking around for.

As companies typically do alongside these free trials, Blizzard has also discounted the two main versions of Overwatch for the same time period that the trial is live to sell the game for cheaper than usual. The base version of Overwatch is 25% off at $14.99 until January 4th while the Overwatch: Legendary Edition is 50% off at $19.99. That one comes with a bunch of skins and some Overwatch accessories to be used in other Blizzard games, so it's not a bad deal if you're active in things like World of Warcraft and Diablo III and plan on sticking around in Overwatch for a while.

Free trials and discounts are always welcome of course, but in more exciting Overwatch news, we're finally going to learn more about Overwatch 2 not too long after the free trial event ends. Blizzard is poised to share some news on the Overwatch sequel in February during its BlizzConline event, Blizzard announced in the latest Overwatch developer video, so expect to see more on that game then.