J!NX Launches Line of Beautiful Overwatch Hoodies, More Designs on the Way

'Look at this team, we're gonna do great!' That's what you're going to say to your friends as you [...]

"Look at this team, we're gonna do great!" That's what you're going to say to your friends as you all strut out of your house to go out on the town rocking these new Overwatch hoodies from J!NX. J!NX launched its new line of Overwatch hoodies today, my friends, and they look amazing! You can check out the current lineup right here.

"J!NX is proud to introduce the Overwatch Ultimate Hoodie line! Just like you, we adore Overwatch and the whole lineup of characters. We put that love into this new line of hoodies designed specifically for each character. It took 18 years of creating and producing awesome gaming apparel for our Ultimate to be fully charged. Heroes, we hope you are ready."

Right now there are currently seven designs to choose from, inspired by D.Va, Lucio, Genji, Roadhog, Zarya, Reinhardt, and Widowmaker. The D.Va hoodie definitely gets our pick for the coolest and most festive, but this Lucio main is going to be rocking black and green this winter. Just look at this hoodie, it's gonna look great!

lucio overwatch hoodie

A second wave of hoodies will be launching in 2018 sporting designs inspired by even more Overwatch heroes. Next in line are Junkrat, Soldier 76, and Mercy. As someone who also loves playing Zenyatta, though, I'm really itching to know when I can get my hands on that design. I'd even be content to know what it looks like! Throw the Zenyatta fans a bone, J!NX, our fandom is among the fiercest!

We have a great lineup out of the gate. Go check out these hoodies and order one soon for yourself or for a loved one. This will make a perfect Christmas present.