How To Get Free Overwatch Loot Boxes With Twitch Prime Membership

Overwatch and Twitch have a special deal going on at the moment where players can earn themselves [...]


Overwatch and Twitch have a special deal going on at the moment where players can earn themselves five loot boxes and a special golden loot box for being an Amazon/Twitch Prime member.

Earning the loot boxes couldn't be easier if you're already an Amazon Prime member. Since Twitch Prime works in conjunction with Amazon Prime now, having an Amazon Prime membership is all it takes to make you a Twitch Prime member as well. The offer began just recently on August 10, but if you didn't catch it when it first kicked off, you'll still have plenty of time to take advantage of the deals.

The first five loot boxes are readily available for players who log in with their Twitch Prime account, and more free loot boxes are scheduled to come in October. Five more, in fact, so if the trend continues, it looks like a promising relationship between Twitch and Overwatch may result in Prime members netting even more free loot boxes in later months.

The current deal for the five normal loot boxes ends on Sept. 10, but the golden loot box opportunity will end sooner than that. A gold loot box will give players a guaranteed Legendary skin, but that offer will be ending on Aug. 21, a few weeks before the five-box deal ends.

While the loot box deals are definitely welcome bonuses for avid Overwatch players, Blizzard's game isn't the only one to offer such incentives. Other games like For Honor and Rocket League have also rewarded members in the past, sometimes for doing things as simple as watching professional gaming events.

And with the changes that were made recently to Overwatch's loot box system, now is a better time than ever to cash in on the free skins, sprays, and other forms of loot. With less duplicates and more credits distributed to those who do receive duplicated cosmetics, opening free loot boxes is bound to be even more rewarding with improved possibilities of getting something you want.

More information about the Overwatch loot boxes can be found through the Twitch Prime site where you can log in and accept your loot.