Overwatch on Switch Review: It's Just Like Overwatch, Except on Switch!

While Overwatch has been available to play on Xbox, PS4, and PC for more than three years, and has [...]

While Overwatch has been available to play on Xbox, PS4, and PC for more than three years, and has become recognized as one of the most prominent games in the rapidly-growing esports industry in that time, it has just now made its way to the Nintendo Switch. Given the fun and vibrant style of Overwatch and sheer amount of gamers that have picked up a Switch since its holiday 2017 launch, it was only a matter of time before the two found a way to co-exist. The question remains, however, is Overwatch worth picking up on the Switch now that it's available?

There's a two-part answer to that, really. Do you need Overwatch on Switch if you already own it on PC or another console? No, not really. But is it great to be able to take Overwatch to work and play on your lunch break? Absolutely. For players who love this game, Overwatch's port to the Switch is a dream come true.

If you aren't familiar, Overwatch is a first-person hero shooter that pits players in a battle against others in solo and competitive matches. Each and every hero in the game comes with different abilities, ranging from defensive abilities to support and healing, making the mastery of individual characters vital to team gameplay. Overwatch exists completely in a competitive online format and there's no sort of campaign to be found.

The graphics and actual gameplay of Overwatch transfer seamlessly to Nintendo's platform. It's the same game with very little change to what you already know. Sure, the controls feel a little bit different when holding a Switch, but that's to be expected with any kind of port. And that's something you won't even notice if you dock it and play with a controller. It feels exactly the same as before, just sometimes with a smaller screen.

All of the noticeable "changes" with this Switch Overwatch port come from the online community, rather than the game itself. This isn't to say that the online games are filled with bullies or anything, but just that you should expect some differences in the level of competition you'll face (assuming you've played the game before) and the amount of time it takes to jump into a game.

There is certainly a much smaller pool of folks playing Overwatch on Switch at any given time compared to the other consoles. That brings both good and bad news. The good news is that you'll probably have an easier time winning games, or at least finishing in the top couple of places on solo rounds. Not that there aren't good players on Switch, but the playing field is smaller and much more level to everyone who doesn't get paid to play this game. The only real bad news, probably the single negative thing to be said about the port, is that matchmaking takes a little bit longer than you're used to. The eight-player free-for-all modes are the quickest to get into, but there are still times when you will sit on the menu for a couple of minutes waiting to start. It's not like this happens every time you try to play, but it is much more frequent than with consoles or PC. Of course, once more people pick up the Switch port as time goes on, the smaller of an issue this becomes.

If you love Overwatch and have $40 to spare, there's really no reason not to check this port out. It's just as fun as ever and you can actually take it on the go, something people have been asking for with Overwatch for years. Overwatch on Switch may sound too good to be true, but that's not the case. The truth is, this port is very good.

Rating 5 out of 5

Overwatch is now available on Nintendo Switch. A code was provided by the publisher for the purposes of this review.