'Overwatch' Winter Event Reveals New Junkrat Krampus Skin

Junkrat's rip-tire is ready to roll with the latest Overwatch skin revealed from the team over at Blizzard ahead of the Winter Wonderland event that drops today! Ever since our first reveal of Zarya's Siberian Bear skin, fans of the FPS have been pleasantly surprised with the new skins rolling out and we have a feeling that many will find Junkrat's to be the best yet:

Clearly we weren't the only ones in love with the new look:

Junkrat's playstyle, for those that may be new to the world of Overwatch, is very chaotic. He's a unique hero both in personality and attack style, giving him free range to pretty much anywhere on the map to drop his traps, bombs, and overall badassery.

The Winter Wonderland event returns once more on December 11 and will last until January 2nd. Though we don't have specifics on what will be new this time around, we can expect a ton of new festive skins - as well as the return of last year's for anyone that missed them. We might even see the return of Mei's Yeti Hunt in addition to a brand new limited time event as well!

With the event going live today, we'll be able to see for ourselves what's available and we couldn't be more excited!


Are you excited to see the Winter Wonderland event return once more in the world of Overwatch? What other skins would you like to become available for your main? Join in on the conversation and sound off with your hopes and dreams in the comment section below! Or you can hit me up over on Twitter @DirtyEffinHippy! I promise I'm a good healer - though I'm not afraid of being an epic Reinhardt if need be!