Pathfinder Revisits Classic Adventure for 20th Anniversary

Pathfinder is returning to another of its classic adventures in celebration of its parent company's 20th anniversary. Paizo has announced Crown of the Kobold King Anniversary Edition, which will be released in September 2022. The hardcover book will contain the classic adventures Hollow's Last HopeCrown of the Kobold King, and Hungry are the Dead, all three of which were originally released back in 2007. The three-part adventure pits players against a tribe of kobolds who kidnap children from a small village to complete an evil ritual. The classic adventures are being expanded for the anniversary edition and modified to support Pathfinder 2E play. Also included in the Anniversary Edition is a full gazetteer of the town Falcon's Hollow, the setting for the adventure, 15 new magic items, and eight classic monsters from the original adventures with new 2E statblocks. 

Paizo launched in 2002 to publish the Dungeons & Dragons-focused magazines Dungeon and Dragon, which were previously published in-house by D&D publisher Wizards of the Coast. When Wizards of the Coast ended the license to these magazines, Paizo launched a line of monthly adventure publications that formed the basis for their own fantasy roleplaying game Pathfinder. The game used a modified version of Dungeons & Dragons "3.5 Edition" ruleset and for a time outsold Dungeons & Dragons when that game converted to the controversial "Fourth Edition" rules. In 2019, Paizo launched a new edition of Pathfinder that heavily modified both character creation methods and actual in-game combat with the use of a "three actions per turn" system. Last year, the company also voluntarily recognized a union formed by its employees, becoming the first company in tabletop gaming to have a union.

Paizo has aggressively supported its Pathfinder games with a variety of releases. Not only does Paizo still release monthly adventures (some of which link together to form a full campaign), the company also releases at least one major rules expansion per year and releases quarterly campaign guides that flesh out various corners of Golorian, the world in which all Pathfinder adventures take place. 


Crown of the Kobold King Anniversary Edition will be released in September 2022 and will have a retail price of $39.99.