Pathfinder Announces New Rulebook

The Firebrands are getting the spotlight in Pathfinder. Earlier this week, Paizo announced that the Firebrands, an organization dedicated to battling tyranny and oppression, would be the focus of an upcoming Pathfinder: Lost Omens book. The Firebrands are a relatively recent organization, having first been introduced in 2019 with the launch of Pathfinder Second Edition. The new Lost Omens: Firebrands book will provide a detailed look at the Firebrands organization, from its membership to its missions, and will include new rules for players who want to create a Firebrands characters. The rules content includes new equipment, magic items, spells, and support for archetypes. 

The Lost Omens line of books serves as the more lore-focused rulebooks for Pathfinder that builds out the world of Golarion. While Pathfinder (like Dungeons & Dragons and other TTRPGs) can be played in any world of the Game Master's choosing, the game includes numerous rules tied to Golarion, a vast world in which official Pathfinder campaigns published by Paizo all take place. Golarion includes numerous countries and territories, some of which with deep roots in traditional fantasy and horror genres and others that provide more unique stories and plot hooks to explore. For instance, the Firebrands were founded by residents of Vidrian and Ravounel, two former terrorities of the devil-worshipping nation of Cheliax, that broke away under strikingly different circumstances. The Lost Omens line serves to further expand the lore of Golarion while providing rules to supplement that lore in the game, while the standard rulebooks (such as this summer's Dark Archive) provide rules that can largely be used in any game with minimal emphasis on lore.


Lost Omens: Firebrands will be released in March 2023. Writers for the book include James Beck, Rigby Bendele, Jessica Catalan, Dana Ebert, Joan Hong, Sen H.H.S., Aaron Lascano, Luis Loza, Ron Lundeen, Stephanie Lundeen, Matt Morris, Jessica Redekop, Erin Roberts, and Shahreena Shahrani.