New Persona 5 Royal Collaboration Announced

A new Persona 5 Royal collaboration has been announced by Atlus and Sega. While there's still no official word of the game coming to Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, or any platform that isn't a PlayStation console, there's word of a collaboration with Sega's Texas Hold'em mobile poker app m HOLD'EM

The accompanying event is set to begin on December 6 and run until December 19. Unfortunately, it's not going to result in any content for Persona 5 Royal. Rather, Persona 5 Royal characters are going to be available in the aforementioned poker game. Topping this will be daily events and tournaments, a free Mona avatar for all that login, and Persona 5 Royal collaboration cards.

Below, you can check out a trailer that accompanied the announcement:

Persona 5 Royal and Persona 5 are available via PlayStation consoles, and right now, only on PlayStation. While there has been rumors of it coming to PC, Xbox machines, and Nintendo Switch, nothing has come of these rumors so far.

"Sometimes games come along that, despite their quality, just don't capture you in the way they've managed to capture others, though it can be difficult to nail down why," reads the opening of our review of the game. "That was certainly the case for me regarding the original Persona 5, and I can thankfully say that those issues have all but been eliminated in Atlus' new edition Persona 5 Royal. The game's best elements are allowed to shine because of the varied and incredibly effective changes, though Persona 5 has also been further enriched thanks to new additions to the game's battle system and overall experience that will delight both fans new and old."

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H/T, Persona Central.