PewDiePie Says Area 51 Raid Actually Makes A Lot Of Sense

In his latest Meme Review episode that tackles all the latest memes and most outlandish stories, Swedish YouTuber Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg has addressed the event that’s been filling everyone’s timelines in the past week or so: The storming of Area 51. The meme that’s born from a Facebook event encouraging people to gather their efforts and storm the base in Nevada is one that “actually makes a lot of sense” when you think about how many people say they’re taking part in the event.

At the time PewDiePie’s video above was shared, the Facebook event that’s seen here had around 841,000 people who said they were going to the event with several hundred thousand more interested in it. That number has already gone up quite a bit and now boast over 1 million users for each category.

“That’s crazy. ‘Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us,’” the YouTuber said, reading aloud the title of the event. “That actually makes a lot of sense. Like, what are they going to do? If a million people show up, what are they gonna do, okay?”

Elsewhere in the event’s description that’s probably been read over millions of times by now, it proposes a strategy for getting into the base. If people “Naruto run,” they’ll be able to dodge bullets, according to the event.

“I mean, I can’t argue with these facts,” PewDiePie said about that plan. “It truly, truly amazes me.”


So, are all these people actually going to storm Area 51 like the Facebook event says they will? Absolutely not, but if they did, PewDiePie and others who have already pointed out the same thing do at least have some point to be made. A million people is a lot to deal with. But we (probably) won’t see nearly that many people arrive, if any, at Area 51 in September.

The rest of the first few minutes of PewDiePie’s video touched on some of the memes that have been created from the viral event. From Forrest Gump to Ready Player One to Marvel’s movies, people have been using all kinds of scenes and moments from movies and other mediums to express what it’ll be like when they storm Area 51. The actual “event” isn’t scheduled to take place until September 20th either, so expect to see a lot more of these assuming interest doesn’t fade away long before then.