PewDiePie Reveals Funny Story About Screwing Over Ryan Reynolds

YouTube sensation PewDiePie recently revealed that he screwed Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds over in the past. The streamer talked about the incident during a video chronicling his history on Instagram. Now, most stars that come into contact with Reynolds have nothing but positive things to say about him. But, the YouTuber’s story places the blame squarely on his own shoulders. PewDiePie was in America for a promotional tour years ago when he ran into the Deadpool actor. He asked for a picture and the Mint Mobil Mogul agreed immediately. But, Reynolds didn’t know that the streamer would choose the worst possible image to post on social media. (Funnily enough, Blake Lively endures this from her famous husband all the time.) But, PewDiePie recognizes that this was a little bit of a jerk move on his part and apologized.

“I met Ryan Reynolds in the screen room. He is the only celebrity I’ve ever asked for a selfie, and I still feel bad for asking for it. But he was really nice about it. And I did him dirty,” he explained. “Ryan, if you are watching I’m sorry… I had two photos I could pick from. One where I looked good, and one where you looked good. But there wasn’t one where we both looked good, and I did you dirty. I’m sorry.”

Recently, Mr. Beast spoke about why he respects PewDiePie so much. He told 100 Thieves that once you reach a certain status, it could be really easy to be a jerk. But, that isn’t the case with Felix.

“I appreciate how humble he is. Literally. I’m not gonna say names, but I think you can think of quite a few YouTubers, if they were in his position, that would just be arrogant and just be a giant p**ck,” Mr. Beast joked.

Also of note is that the streamer told his fans that he will not accept donations on his streams. PewDiePie had a very level-headed reason for making that statement on his YouTube channel.


“It was actually when I did my donating to Twitch streamer video that made me realize just how weird it is to donate money to people," he explained. "Like if someone gave me that money on the street I would be like “what the f**k no” but for some reason, if I’m streaming, “pay me.” I don’t get it. It just makes no sense."

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