Phasmophobia November 4 Update Released, Patch Notes Revealed

The November 4th update for Phasmophobia is now available, and Steam has released full patch notes regarding what changes players can expect to see from the game. There isn't anything too exciting in the new update, as it mostly focuses on bug fixes. These will mostly result in fewer crashes for players, and a smoother experience getting back to the game following a disconnect. Given the game's surge in popularity during the Halloween season, it seems likely that these changes will be embraced with open arms, particularly by those that have been streaming the game. Full patch notes can be found below.


* Fixed a bug where the VR Smooth Camera would move outside the map when you died.
* Fixed a bug where some evidence such as Ouija Boards wasn't working for the photos.
* Potential fix for crashes when loading back to the main menu.
* Potential fix for save files getting corrupted when you crash or quit.
* Potential fix for Glowsticks sometimes not giving any light.
* Fixed a bug where some players were not able to connect to the server since the Halloween update.


* Removed the delay between each equipment spawning.
* Changed the way the server gets recreated when loading back into the main menu. This should fix a lot of bugs and disconnects. The host will now also remain the same.
* Fixed a bug where VR players wouldn't get teleported back from the dead room.
* Fixed a bug where the ghost could see you through the Ridgeview door.
* Removed the voice sensitivity setting as it was breaking non push to talk.
* Your character will no longer spawn until you have either connected to the server or you fail to connect.


* Added a "connecting to server" loading screen.

Released in September, Phasmophobia is a survival horror VR game in which players take on the role of a group of ghost hunters. The game features 12 different ghost varieties, and players must uncover evidence in order to determine which ghost they might be dealing with. Survival horror games tend to lend themselves well to streaming, as has been the case for games like The Dark Pictures Anthology series. As such, it's not surprising that Phasmophobia has lured in big name streamers like Pokimane and Markiplier.

Now that the Halloween season is over, however, it will be interesting to see if Phasmophobia continues to be a draw! Developer Kinetic Games is clearly putting effort into making the game more enjoyable for audiences, but whether that will translate into continued player interest remains to be seen.

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