Pilotwings 64 Now Available on Nintendo Switch Online

Subscribers to Nintendo Switch Online's Expansion Pack can now access Pilotwings 64. The game marks the 19th retro Nintendo 64 title made available through the service. Last week, Nintendo announced that the game was supposed to release on October 13th, but the company has a habit of releasing these types of updates a few hours early. That's a very good thing for fans that were looking forward to revisiting Pilotwings 64, and those that plan to check it out for the very first time!

Pilotwings 64 was originally released as a launch title for the Nintendo 64. The game marked one of just two titles that were available that day, alongside Super Mario 64. While Super Mario 64 has been offered on a number of different consoles over the years (including Nintendo Switch), today's release marks the first time that Pilotwings 64 has been made available again. The flight sim has never been as popular as some of the N64's other games, but now a new generation will get a chance to judge it for themselves! 

Following the release of Pilotwings 64, fans can likely expect to see Mario Party in November and Mario Party 2 in December. In 2023, subscribers will have a number of exciting releases to look forward to, including several N64 games that have never been offered since their original releases. Mario Party 3, Pokemon Stadium, and Pokemon Stadium 2 all fit that criteria, but the biggest example is GoldenEye 007. GoldenEye is one of the most influential games ever made, but legal hurdles have prevented its re-release for more than two decades. Thankfully those legal issues have been resolved by Nintendo and Xbox, allowing the game to finally appear on both platforms. It remains to be seen exactly when the game will debut on Switch, and if new audiences will be able to appreciate the first-person shooter, but the N64 app will have plenty of other exciting games to play in the meantime!

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