Playdate Update Promises New Details on Games, Pre-Orders

Those eager to learn more about Panic's Playdate gaming device can look forward to the first ever video update coming next week that'll bring with it information on the pre-orders, the first "season" of games planned, and more. The event's been set for June 8th at 9 a.m. PDT with some details shared ahead of time to set expectations. We know the price of the device and how many games it'll have, and we also know that pre-orders won't be starting immediately after the event concludes.

Panic tweeted about the plans for the first Playdate Update this week and set both the date and expectations for what's to come. No word on how long the event will last was given, but the time's been set with a link to the premiere of the event included in the tweet.

Along with the information provided above, the Untitled Goose Game publisher also reassured prospective buyers that they wouldn't be missing out on any sort of pre-order opportunity if they didn't sit through the event. Pre-orders won't go live at the end of the stream, the creators said, and people will have "plenty of warning" before the product goes on sale.

For those who were already or are now interested, the price of the Playdate device h as been set at $179. It comes with 4GB of storage to fill up with games which it'll apparently need now that Panic has doubled the number of games it'll come with. These games will release in "seasons," and Season One will ship with 24 different games included on the Playdate device.


We'll learn more about the Playdate come next week whenever the event takes place on June 8th, so be sure to tune into the presentation if you want to know exactly when you'll be able to secure your Playdate.