New 'Bumblebee' PlayStation 4 Controller Revealed by Scuf Gaming

A new PlayStation 4 controller has been revealed by Scuf Gaming, a Scuf Vantage device that channels Bumblebee with a limited-edition look.

Scuf unveiled the new PlayStation 4 controller on Tuesday ahead of the digital release for the Transformers movie that’s all about one of the most memorable Autobots. A first look at the new controller was unveiled with the announcement alongside details on how PlayStation 4 owners can get their controller.

Only 500 of the Bumblebee-themed Scuf Vantage controllers were made for a release in the United States, so getting one won’t be quite as easy as simply going to Scuf Gaming’s store and buying one. Instead, those interested will have to pre-order Bumblebee from the PlayStation Store ahead of its digital format release date, Scuf’s product page for the new Vantage controller explained. The movie’s due out on March 19th, and after pre-ordering it, buyers will get a code sent to the email inbox associated with the PlayStation account used to purchase it. Entering that code here will grant users access to the page where the controller itself can be purchased.

Aside from pre-ordering Bumblebee, the Scuf Vantage will run buyers another $195.95. The controller has the option of being either wireless or wired depending on what’s needed. It’s a discount of $30 compared to the normal cost of the Scuf Vantage which is still a steep asking price for a single device, but the controller comes with a few extra bells and whistles that raise it above other options on the PlayStation 4.


Our review from September when the base Scuf Vantage controller was initially revealed provides a full breakdown of the device’s specs, but a quick look at the controller shows it has a few extra buttons compared to a normal controller. Two extra buttons – called SAX Buttons by Scuf – are located on the shoulder right beneath the bumpers, both of those options remappable to different inputs. There are also four paddles on the back that can be removed if four is too many, each of those also customizable to create different controller mappings. Other features like a control disc that’s optimal for fighting games and removable vibration modules are also part of the Vantage’s assets.

Bumblebee is due out on digital platforms on March 19th with pre-orders open for the movie now to gain access to the Bumblebee Scuf Vantage controller.