The Leaked PlayStation 5 Devkit Is Apparently Real

Speculation about the PlayStation 5 has been fueled largely in part by some leaked descriptions and depictions of a devkit which was reportedly sent out to developers. It showed a console that looked quite different from other iterations of the PlayStation we’ve seen in the past, one with a “V” cut into the middle of the console on top with what appeared to be vents on the sides. People wondered if the device was indeed the PlayStation 5 devkit, and some new information from Wired indicates that it was, but we still don’t know if this is the version of the console buyers will have in their homes next year.

The patented version of Sony’s device can be seen further down for those who missed its initial reveal which was later “confirmed” by a third-party developer before their tweets were promptly deleted. Some renders from Let’s Go Digital looked to better visualize the console in the way the devkit showed it to give an idea of what the finished product might look like.

All of this happened months ago which left people to speculate about what Sony’s plans for the device might be and whether this outlandish console was the real deal. In Wired’s latest interview with system architect Mark Cerny and Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan, the outlet got a chance to experience some demos of different games using the technology that’ll be incorporated into the now-confirmed PlayStation 5. Gran Turismo Sport had been ported to the PlayStation 5 devkit, and while Wired couldn’t say it was identical to the ones we’ve seen in images before, it said a quick glance at the device matched up with the reports from Gizmodo that came out last week. Wired asked Sony about the devkit, but Sony refused to comment on how the devkit’s appearance might compare to the consumer product we’ll see next year.

So, is the devkit that was seen in patents, visualized later, and reported on again actually legit? It seems like it, but we still don’t know if we’ll see this version of the console appearing on shelves next year. Some people have already gotten behind this design while others seem to be opposed to it and are more agreeable to Sony’s past versions of their consoles, though we’ll have to wait till an official unveiling to see the final product.

The PlayStation 5 will launch next year, and we at least know for sure that it’ll definitely go by that name.