PlayStation Classic's Early Reactions Are Certainly Mixed

The PlayStation Classic, Sony's plug-and-play system with 20 hit titles included, has officially begun arriving on store shelves. And while some fans can't wait to dive into the nostalgia, a lot of folks -- including critics -- have mixed feelings about it.

PlayStation Classic

Sony's system reportedly has a number of problems with it, including some games playing in PAL, causing slight delays; a plainly installed menu; lacking controllers without DualShock functionality; and some game choices that could have easily been replaced by others. You can check out some of the first-day reactions to the system below.

It'll be interesting to see how sales of the system do over the holidays with mixed opinions. But for some, it's just the nostalgic boost they need to get them through the new year. We'll let you know how the system fares as time goes on.


The PlayStation Classic is available now at retailers. If you prefer, there's always hunting down an original PlayStation system as well...