PlayStation Won't Attend Gamescom 2022

PlayStation will not be presenting at Gamescom 2022 when the event takes place later in August, the company confirmed this week. This announcement follows Nintendo's confirmation from earlier in the month that it, too, would not be present at Gamescom. PlayStation has not yet announced its next State of Play, Showcase, or any other kind of event at this time, so it's unclear now when PlayStation's next showing will be.

The German outlet Games Wirtschaft received confirmation from PlayStation that it would not be attending the Gamescom event in August. Alongside Nintendo, other companies like Activision Blizzard have also indicated they plan to skip this year's event.

Earlier in the year, Gamescom organizers GAME announced plans to return to Cologne, Germany, this summer for a hybrid event that'd be held both in-person and online. In addition to confirming PlayStation would not be on-site at Gamescom in August, PlayStation also said it would not have any announcements to share during the Opening Night Live segment that kicks off the annual event.

"The unique festival feeling of gamescom is back: the world's largest event revolving around computer and video games and Europe's leading business platform for the games industry is once again taking place in the Cologne exhibition halls from 24 to 28 August," the previous announcement about this year's event said. "The experience on location will be combined with an extensive digital program."

PlayStation was one of the first companies to start skipping out on these traditional events when it began passing on E3 in years prior. This year, PlayStation did take part in Summer Game Fest with its third-party and VR-focused State of Play falling under the umbrella of the summer gaming event.

For those who are planning on watching Gamescom regardless of who's going to be there and who's not, you can plan on tuning into the show on August 24th where it'll run from then until August 28th. In addition to Gamescom, August will also once again include this year's QuakeCon event which will be online-only and will run from August 18th to August 20th, Bethesda announced in April