PlayStation Gold White Version Headset Now Available

white gold
(Photo: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

A brand-new version of PlayStation's popular PlayStation 4 Gold Wireless Headset is now available.

The new version swaps the headset's usual black and blue color scheme for a super clean and elegant looking coat of white.

The headset of course comes with the same enhanced comfort and performance of the newest run of the Gold Wireless Headset, with the only difference being the color.

For those that don't know: the Gold Wireless Headset features refined over-ear cushions and a sleek design that is meant for long gaming sessions.

Meanwhile, high-fidelity 7.1 virtual surround sound provides crisp and immersive audio. And then an augmented noise-canceling hidden microphone provides clear communication with friends and teamates.

To accompany the new white version release, Sony has also announced that more titles now support audio mode through the headset companion app. These means if you have either the Gold or Platinum headsets, you'll get audio modes tuned by the developers themselves. In other words, it allows you to experience the game exactly how the developers intended.

I personally own a Gold Wireless Headset, and I have to say, for its price (which ranges from $70-$99 depending on the retailer) you can't get much better. Not only is the audio capability a great deal for the price, but Sony are experts at manufacturing, and the headset's design showcases this.

That said, if you're looking for a super premium gaming headset, this might not be for you. However, if you're looking for a budget-friendly option that is slightly a step down (and in most cases more straightforward to use) then this a great option. And unless you're playing multiplayer games super competitively or have some extra cash burning a hole in your wallet, then you're probably just fine with the Gold Wireless Headset.

If you have PlayStation VR, then this headset is even better, because unlike third-party headphones, this is designed to be compatible and comfortable with the VR headset.


And unlike the previous standard Gold Wireless Headset, which was quite boring looking and bland, this new white design is super sleek and is sure to look good on and your shelf.

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