PlayStation Now Might Be Getting a Download Feature

PlayStation Now
(Photo: Sony)

PlayStation Now looks like it might be getting a highly desirable feature with a “Download Game” option potentially becoming available.

With the way it works now, PlayStation’s subscription service called PlayStation Now lets players stream a library of games for a monthly fee. There’s a large collection of games to choose from that include all the past God of War titles and more from third and first-party groups, but the only catch is that you have to stream the games. This means that using the feature is largely dependent on your Internet connection. If there were an option to download the games and keep them on your console instead of streaming them, much of the concerns about subscribing to PlayStation Now would be alleviated.

That feature is exactly what some PlayStation owners have spotted, or at least they think they have. Sharing the image below to the PlayStation subreddit, Redditor satertek noticed that bringing up the PlayStation menu while playing a game through the streaming service included an option that says “Download Game.” It’s fit between the rest of the options that are always listed for PlayStation Now, but that feature itself is certainly new.

Before anyone goes checking their PlayStation Now accounts to find the feature themselves, you might have some trouble finding the “Download Game” option when playing any game. The Redditor shared another comment soon after posting the image that said the feature doesn’t appear to be available in all games’ menus and that this screenshot was taken in Alpha Protocol.

Sony hasn’t confirmed that a download option is in the works for PlayStation Now, though that certainly would’ve been a big announcement to make during the E3 conferences that just came to a close. If the company did decide to add such a feature, there’d likely be many more PlayStation owners in favor of using the subscription service. Xbox’s own version of a subscription-based library of games called Xbox Game Pass allows players to download their favorite games which remain playable so long as the subscription remains active. With the option to download games, a lower price, and a commitment to include all future first-party game releases in the deal, Xbox Game Pass has a leg up on PlayStation now in the eyes of many gamers, but adding the download option for Sony’s service may help close that gap and entice more PlayStation 4 owners to return each month.