PlayStation Now Leak Reveals Big Upgrade Potentially Coming Soon

Sony may make a big upgrade to PlayStation Now and it may announce and release this upgrade soon. The speculation comes the way of a new Sony patent applied for back in April but only published this month. The patent -- dubbed 'Ultra High-Speed Low-Latency Network Storage' -- reveals that Sony has been working on a way to enable the streaming of PS5 games, presumably for the sole purpose of PS now. 

As you would expect, the patent is full of technical jargon and doesn't reveal many salient details, but it confirms the obvious: Sony is working on bringing PS5 games to the subscription service. When this work will be fully realized and released, remains to be seen, but if the patent is surfacing now, it indicates that the bulk of the work is complete.

"Non-volatile memory over fabric (NVMe-oF) is used to stream video, computer games, and the like to client devices from network storage embodied by solid state storage devices (SSDs)," reads the patent's abstract. "To provide for redundancy, multiple copies of a single piece of content, e.g., a computer game or video file, are stored on multiple SSDs. To provide information to address the block-level storage based on a client demand for the content, a data structure correlates each content with the SSDs and related block numbers at which the content is stored. Sourcing of the content as it is being streamed may be dynamically switched between SSDs to provide for load balancing or loss of a SSD."

Sony never comments on patents, and this patent has been no exception. There's no reason to expect this to change, but if it does, we will be sure to update the story accordingly. 

PlayStation Now is available via the PC, PS4, and PS5. At its cheapest rate, you can cop a 12-month subscription for $60. For more coverage on the subscription service and all things PlayStation, click here.


H/T, DualShockers.