PlayStation Network Experiencing Issues With PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Network servers are experiencing issues with PlayStation Plus and other parts of PSN. Sony hasn't officially confirmed the issues, but reports are flooding the internet, and it appears the bulk of the problems revolve around PlayStation Plus, or more specifically, PSN telling players they don't have PlayStation Plus when trying to access online multiplayer games that require a subscription to the service.

Meanwhile, there also reports that the YouTube app on the PlayStation 4 still isn't working, a problem that has been plaguing PS4 users for a couple of weeks now. Like the PSN issues, there's been no comment from Sony on these reports, leaving users with nothing but speculation for now.

At the moment of publishing, it's unclear what the problem is, how widespread it is, or when a fix will be released, but we will be sure to update this post as official information flows in from Sony Interactive Entertainment itself.

As you may know, many video game servers have been having issues the past few months due to gaming traffic increases as a result of the pandemic. That said, while Xbox servers have particularly struggled with the demand increase, PlayStation has largely been problem free, until now that is.

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