PlayStation Plus Owners Can Also Pick Up Injustice 2 For A Great Price

Injustice 2 PSN Cheap

Yesterday, we reported the news that Microsoft was offering all the versions of Injustice 2 on its Xbox Live Marketplace for a great price, starting with the standard edition for $25 and going up to the Ultimate Edition for $45, complete with all of the downloadable fighters that have been released – and the ones yet to come.

Sony, however, wasn't about to let Xbox owners have all the fun, and have discounted the game on its own store as well – but with a small catch.

Injustice 2 is now available on the PlayStation Store for $24.99 – a sweet bargain considering it usually sells for $49.99. The only catch is that the deal is only for PlayStation Plus members. Regular members will have to fork over the full price in order to play the game.

Furthermore, the deal is also limited to just the standard edition of Injustice 2. It doesn't appear that either the Deluxe or Ultimate Editions are on sale at all, showing up at their regular prices. This does give the Xbox One version a bit of an advantage, though the price for the standard edition isn't a bad deal, to say the least.

This deal will likely last throughout the weekend and into early next Tuesday, so you have a little time to pick it up and take advantage of the bargain. You'll still need to purchase a season pass separately in order to get the other downloadable fighters for the game, but at least you'll save some moolah on the main product.


Quick side note – if you still feel like you need to give the game a try before you purchase it, remember that the Free Trial is now available, so you can check out the first hour for absolutely nothing. You can download it here, although, again, it appears to be a deal that's set aside for PlayStation Plus members. It also takes up a pretty good amount of space, around 28GB or so. Still, if you like what you're playing, at least you can purchase the game for cheap and keep at it.

Injustice 2 is available now for PlayStation 4, as well as Xbox One and PC.