New PS5 Restock Provides Hope for the Future

The latest restock of Sony's PlayStation 5 console should provide customers with a newfound sense of hope for the future. In a general sense, ever since the PS5 first launched back in 2020, the hardware has been incredibly hard to come by. Even though fan excitement directed toward the PS5 has dropped off a bit, the console is still almost never seen on store shelves and sells out in mere minutes with most sales. Fortunately, if a new purchasing opportunity for the PS5 today is any indication, it looks like this might not be true much longer. 

Sony itself held a new sale of the PS5 this afternoon through its own PlayStation Direct service. This isn't a rarity by any means and has become one of the most common avenues in which PS5s are sold. However, what was different about today's restock is that the PS5 consoles didn't sell out immediately. In fact, after all orders for customers who were waiting in the digital queue were filled, Sony still had a number of PS5s left to sell to anyone who wanted them. This means that you could have actively gone on to the PlayStation website, added the PS5 to your cart, and purchased it without having to fight off anyone else. 

The only potential caveat with this situation is that the version of the PS5 that was available to freely buy in this manner was the one bundled with Horizon Forbidden West, which is slightly more expensive. The standard and digital editions of the PS5 were still sold out quickly, as we've come to see. Still, the fact that customers could buy the PS5 whatsoever in this manner is something that we haven't seen in months. As such, it seems like things could finally be getting easier for those who are still trying to buy the next-gen PlayStation hardware for themselves. 

Are you still chasing the PS5 for yourself? And does today's restock make you hopeful that the PlayStation console is going to become more widely available in the near future? Let me know either down in the comments or message me on Twitter at @MooreMan12.