Pokemon Teases 25th Anniversary Plans at Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

The Pokemon Company unveiled a new logo for its upcoming 25th anniversary celebration during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. The anniversary celebration was officially "announced" via a group of dancing Pikachu, who unfurled a banner showing the 25th anniversary logo after dancing along to the original Pokemon theme song. The parade also featured the appearance of a giant winter-themed Pikachu balloon, marking the twentieth straight year that Pikachu has appeared in the parade. The Pokemon Company did not reveal any of its plans for its 25th anniversary, but promised that more information about the "very special upcoming celebration" would come soon.

Here's a first look at the logo:

pokemon 25 logo
(Photo: Pokemon)

Pokemon's 20th anniversary helped push the popular gaming franchise back into the mainstream. 2016's celebration included everything from a Super Bowl commercial to the release of Pokemon Go, a re-release of original Pokemon cards, and a brand new pair of Pokemon games. Judging on how big the 20th anniversary celebration was, we're guessing that the 25th anniversary will be just as big...if not bigger.

2021 was already shaping up to be a big year for the Pokemon franchise. The franchise has multiple games likely coming out next year, including Pokemon Snap, Pokemon Unite, and Detective Pikachu 2. Several industry insiders and leakers have also teased that the franchise will also get a new "main series" game, that's likely either a remake of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl or a reimagining of Pokemon Crystal in the style of the Pokemon: Let's Go games. Plus, Pokemon Go is set to release a major update, which will add all sorts of new content in 2021 as well. We can also expect the American release of a new Pokemon movie, the continuation of the Pokemon Trading Card Game and Pokemon Journeys anime series, and likely a few other surprises as well.

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