Pokemon Declares July 1 as Bidoof Day

The Pokemon Company has declared July 1st as Bidoof Day and has promised a day fool of bidoofery [...]

The Pokemon Company has declared July 1st as Bidoof Day and has promised a day fool of bidoofery and whimsy in the name of everyone's favorite meme-able Pokemon. Earlier today, The Pokemon Company announced that they were hosting a Bidoof Day on July 1st. Few details were initially announced about the upcoming event, but Pokemon promised that it would be a day of celebration for the fan-favorite Pokemon.

So far - two celebrations have been announced. Pokemon Go'sBidoof Breakout will include an extra special finale on July 1 featuring Bidoof that known Superpower, a new Special Research story that has a branching storyline, and a Bidoof Cup for Go Battle League with rules requiring players to only bring Bidoof in for battle. Additionally, the Pokemon TV app has a selection of Pokemon anime episodes starring Bidoof available to watch for free throughout the week.

Bidoof is a Normal-type Pokemon that resembles a beaver and first appeared in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Although its the rodent Pokemon of its generation, Bidoof has always generated a bit of goodwill thanks to its goofy face. The Pokemon has gone viral twice in 2021 alone, once for its star-making turn in New Pokemon Snap and once during April 1st when the Pokemon Twitter account became a Bidoof stan account.

Bidoof Day is likely just a goofy day to celebrate a goofy Pokemon, but stay tuned on Thursday in case there's any sort of news drop. After all, Bidoof will appear in two Pokemon games over the next few months - Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl comes out in November and Pokemon Legends: Arceus will be released in January 2022. Bidoof has even appeared in key art tied to the latter game, so maybe we'll see some new game footage or something to justify a full day of bidoofery in this economy.