New Pokemon Club Program Announced With Plans for Weekly Events

The Pokemon Company is giving young Pokemon Trainers a new way to connect with their community and [...]

The Pokemon Company is giving young Pokemon Trainers a new way to connect with their community and build experiences around the video games and card game. A new program called the "Pokemon Club" was announced this week with that program geared towards younger Trainers, according to an announcement post that offered more details. This program will consist of weekly events and rewards for those who attend, and it's open to any Pokemon fans regardless of which part of the fandom they're attached to.

Pokemon Club events will be held at game stores that already host Play! Pokemon events, the announcement post explained. This means that if there's a place near you that's already known for hosting Pokemon-related events, there's a good chance that it'll play host to these new Pokemon Club meetups as well.

"Attendees can look forward to all kinds of Pokémon activities, whether they're interested in the Pokémon TCG, video games, animation, or just want to have Pokémon fun," the post explained. "Pokémon Club organizers will have access to lots of resources, so everyone who attends can have a great experience. Pokémon Club events won't feature any kind of formal competitions, so everyone will be able to just show up and enjoy the world of Pokémon!"

Rewards that attendees will earn include Pokemon TCG promo cards and stickers as well as other rewards that haven't been named yet. As seen in the tweet below, those who attend the events will be given a Trainer Card that they'll use to keep track of their events and the rewards they've earned.

Around 40 stores across the United States will host these events at the start with more stores added to the list in the future. The announcement post has a list of all the stores that'll support these Pokemon Club events at the start in case you think there might be one near you that'll be included in the program.

These events will take place on Saturdays, and the first of them will take place on November 23rd. It's a start date that seems like a prime time to kick off the Pokemon Club events seeing how Pokemon Sword and Shield releases for the Nintendo Switch on November 15th. Having the games out for just over a week should give Pokemon Trainers plenty to talk about at their first event.

Pokemon Sword and Shield release for the Nintendo Switch on November 15th, and you can start looking for Pokemon Club events near you on November 23rd.