Disney XD Jams January Schedule With Pokemon Movies

Get ready to watch a ton of Pokemon movies in January.

Disney XD and the Pokemon Company announced that January will be a "Power Packed Pokemon" month, beginning on New Year's Day. Starting at 10 AM ET on January 1st, Disney XD will air back to back to back showings of the first three Pokemon movies to help start the new year right.

Disney XD will follow that up by airing a different Pokemon movie every night from January 2nd to January 19th at 6 PM. If you want even more Pokemon goodness during that two week stretch, Disney XD will also air five episodes of Pokemon the Series starting at 3:30 PM every day.

To cap off the Pokemon celebration, Disney XD will air a two day Pokemon movie marathon on January 20th and January 21st featuring encore presentations of every single Pokemon movie, presumably in order.

The movie marathon will also include Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You, the newest movie which "rebooted" Ash and Pikachu's history. The next Pokemon movie looks to be a sequel to I Choose You, so you might want to watch the latest movie to get caught up on Ash's latest adventure.


If you want to kick off 2018 with epic Pokemon battles and some major nostalgia, be sure to tune in to Disney XD on January 1st. Just try not to cry when Ash gets turned to stone in the first movie....he gets better, we promise!