Original Pokemon Sprites Get a Gorgeous Remaster

One talented Pokemon fan has created a detailed piece of artwork that gives the original 151 sprites from the Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue duo a gorgeous remaster. Reminiscent of the sort of Pokemon posters one would have hanging on their wall when the original games came out, the creation in question features colored versions of the sprites which the creator said were crafted “pixel for pixel” with the original colors used as well.

You can check out the artwork below from Reddit user Red_O_Zone who shared the incredible Gen 1 creation within the Pokemon subreddit. The artist who came up with the idea and executed on it put all the recreated sprites together into a poster that they then offered up for anyone who wanted to download and keep it.

After two months of non-stop work I recreated all 151 Gen 1 Sprites from Red & Blue pixel for pixel and recolored them with their official colors. I also recreated the Text Font/Spacing and put together this poster for everyone to have. (.Zip File in Comments) from r/pokemon

Within the replies to the post, the creator provided a Google Drive link for a zip file containing the 151 Gen 1 sprites in their original sizes, an original size of the poster, and a three-foot version of the poster along with some additional assets. The artist said people were welcome to do whatever they want with the contents of the zip file short of selling the creations.

In addition to the note about this creation being the product of work over two months, the creator shared some insights into the difficulty of the process within a comment replying to someone who praised “the absolute insanity of this act.” The responses from others have been quick and full of similar praises so far with the post soaring to the top of the Pokemon subreddit.


“I thought this was gonna be a ton of fun to do,” artist Red_O_Zone said in a reply to another Redditor. “Then I realized I'd need to see every single Pokemon in Red & Blue, Trade Graveler since you can't see Golem in either game without trading, then use my DMG Game Boy and magnifying glass to take high quality pictures of every sprite, and finally recreate each sprite one pixel at a time before coloring them.”

The user admitted that there would’ve been easier ways to complete the project but that those weren’t the ways they wanted to go about creating this.