Catching A Legendary Pokemon In Pokemon Go Won't Be An Easy Milestone To Reach


With Pokemon Go having its first live event, Pokemon Go Fest, just less than a day away now, players are getting ready to gear up for some Pokemon-hunting in Chicago. Special events, global challenges, and other smaller events are just a few of the opportunities that’ll be had during the festival, and more recently, it was announced that Legendary Pokemon will finally be introduced into the game. If you’re looking to catch yourself an easy Legendary Pokemon — one of which might very well be Lugia according to some images dug up during a datamine — you might be in for a tougher ride than you’d expect, according to statements from Niantic officials.

The reveal that the Legendary Pokemon might actually be pretty hard to catch comes from an interview with Archit Bhargava, the global marketing lead for Niantic. The Chicago Tribune asked Bhargava several questions about the Chicago-based event that’s starting soon, one of which was directly related to the circumstances involved in catching a Legendary Pokemon. Pokemon Go has previously announced that if players are able to beat the Legendary that pops up during the event, Legendary Raids will be unlocked around the world, but that’s the part that Bhargava says might prove to be difficult.

“It’s not going to be easy,” Bhargava said about beating the Legendary Pokemon during the raid. “It’s not. It’s going to completely depend on how the day progresses. During the challenge windows, I’ll be trying to catch as many Pokemon as possible, and I’ll be sending word to all my friends who are not in Chicago to do the same.”

As the even progresses, Bhargava said that both he and the rest of the Niantic team would be monitoring how the milestones progress throughout the day. Legendary Pokemon will certainly be new to players, but with this being the first live event, there’s also plenty of things for Niantic to watch for on their end.

“We’ll have to see how it plays out,” Bhargava added. “It’s a first for us.”


[via Chicago Tribune]

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