Pokemon Go Might Finally Add Pokemon Form Changes

Pokemon Go may be gearing up to let Pokemon switch between multiple forms. Earlier today, Pokemon Go started to roll out its latest update, which means that dataminers got their first glimpse at new code that teases upcoming changes. While the biggest additions in the new update concerns the upcoming Pokemon Go Tour: Kanto ticketed event, the PokeMiners team also discovered some code regarding potential form changes. It seems that players will have the ability to trigger form changes in certain Pokemon, such as Giratina or Darmanitan. While the exact mechanic is unclear, the datamine suggests that players may need to use specific items, spend Stardust, or complete a quest to trigger the change.

In the main series games, certain Pokemon switch between forms under a number of different circumstances. Some Pokemon change forms based on the weather, while other Pokemon change forms when carrying a certain item or when they use a certain move. Pokemon Go has sidestepped form changes in its game, giving players opportunity to capture Pokemon with different forms at various points of time, but some players still don't like that their Giratina or Deoxys can't switch forms at will.

The datamine suggests that only Pokemon with the ability to switch forms in the main series game will have the ability to change forms in Pokemon Go. That means that a Pokemon like Burmy, which changes forms in the main series game, might be able to switch forms in Pokemon Go, but a Pokemon like Wormadam (whose form is decided when it evolves and cannot switch) likely won't be able to switch forms in Pokemon Go.


Other changes that could be coming to Pokemon Go soon include the ability to tag friends as "favorite" friends, and the addition of the move Feather Dance. Pokemon Go previously announced that it would be allowing players to mass transfer Legendary and Mythical Pokemon along with several other minor quality of life updates over the course of the month. The game is also currently hosting a Team Rocket Celebration eventfeaturing boosted spawn rates of certain Pokemon and more appearances by Team Rocket characters.