'Pokemon Go's Next Community Day Will Focus on Chikorita

Chikorita will be the focus of Pokemon Go's next Community Day, which will take place on Sept. [...]

Chikorita will be the focus of Pokemon Go's next Community Day, which will take place on Sept. 22nd.

Pokemon Go announced the news earlier today, along with the reveal that players will get triple XP for any Pokemon caught during the monthly three-hour mini-event. Chikorita is the Grass-Type Starter Pokemon first seen in Pokemon Gold and Silver, and is generally considered to be one of the weakest Starter Pokemon in the franchise.

Each Pokemon Go Community Day event focuses on a different Pokemon, with the Pokemon (or its evolution) receiving a special move and players receiving set bonuses during the event. While Pokemon Go hasn't announced which move Chikorita will receive, players are speculating that it will be Frenzy Plant, a powerful Grass-Type move currently only used by Venusaur evolved during a Community Day event earlier this year.

We'll likely also see the arrival of Chikorita's Shiny form, as previous Community Day have included the release of new Shiny Pokemon, which encourages players to spend the event stockpiling as many Pokemon as they can.

The Community Day events have been big successes for Pokemon Go, and are usually the main driver for the game's occasional return to the top of sales charts. However, Chikorita isn't nearly as popular as other Pokemon featured in Community Day events, nor is it relevant to Pokemon Go's metagame. We'll see if the extra XP and potential for a Shiny Pokemon is enough to keep players interested in next month's Community Day event.

Notably, it appears that Pokemon Go won't be carrying over the two-day Community Day event setup seen during August's event. Players seemed to enjoy the event, but it appears that the two-day event was only so players could get all of Eevee's multiple evolutions before time expired.